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ATTENTION: All hormone products are meant for healthy men above the age of 21.  Please refrain from using any hormone product including ones from Taurus Nutrition if you are under 21 years old.


NEW Lean Mass Anabolic

With all of the recent news about hormonal in sports and in the media, we had to be very much on the legal side of US law in order to bring you a truly great hormone that meets your needs!  You know as men that you are constantly under attack from environmental estrogens and chemicals that make it tough to produce your own androgens!

You might not have the data, but you just know something isn't right!  You know you should be putting on more muscle than ever before because of your diet and exercise!  Yet true lean mass escapes you...

If you drink from plastic bottles, use lotion and hair products and eat fruits and vegetables, you are getting a HUGE dose of chemicals that all act like estrogen in your body and EVEN WORSE kill your ability to make testosterone and other androgens on your own.

Symptoms of a skewed Androgen/Estrogen ratio:

Do you have a hard time carrying lean mass?

Do you want better sex drive and performance?

Are you softer than you'd like?

Do you feel like you need a mental lift in and out of the gym?

These chemicals won't show up on a blood test, so even though your values are in the "normal" range, you may still be WAY too estrogenic to feel your best!

We had a tough job ahead of us, find a mass builder that is 100% legal and builds mass with diet and exercise, like a pro-steroid . Impossible? Not from our science team! This search for the perfect prohormone lead us down many paths and many areas. Sure, we could have sold out and made some other chemically altered “steroid” from Vida, only to get caught and forced to remove the product from the market. 

We had to find something that built muscle, but didn't cross the legal line…

That left us without the “luxury” of trying to skirt the law by bringing out anything related to testosterone or other androgens like some other's have done. So, instead of trying to cheat the law, we decided to see what that left us to help men feel their best. Estrogens? Nope, that wouldn't work.  Corticosteroids? Nah, they have a lot of uses, but building muscle isn't one of them.

That left us one choice…

Progestins! When I first introduced progestins to the market everyone laughed.  The BROSCIENTISTS said "you can't build mass with a progestin"..."what if people get gyno" and all kinds of other jabs. Guess what? Broscience doesn't know shit...

People were loving my progestin and you know what else? Another company released a progestin, then another company and hundreds of thousands of bottles later not one case of gyno; just pounds of lean mass. So, you can put that rumor to bed, progestins prevent gyno, they don't cause it!  Progestins build muscle, case closed!

How do progestins help build mass with diet and exercise, you ask? Well, not any old progestin will do, you have to look long and hard for the “right” progestin. Our search for a progestin capable of helping you build LEAN MASS and without serious side effects took months! We scoured the literature and found a progestin that naturally produced by the body that could help you feel great! This was a decent find, but we were not satisfied to give you just the bare minimum that nature has to offer. In fact it is the 5aReduced form which we theorize will make it more potent at building mass and mobilizing fat.

Even a better muscle builder than many chemically altered PH products...

The great thing about the active ingredient in 5aOHP is that it won't turn into estrogen and will give you dry, solid gains in mass with limited side effects. The best reported benefit by our testers is the body composition changes rivaling the most potent illegal compounds!  Because it can't convert to estrogen, you can bet that 5aOHP is guaranteed to be free from bloating estrogenic side effects. Hundreds of thousands of bottles sold of progestin based hormones with ZERO estrogenic side effects! Case closed! 

Progestins, specifically 17aHydroxyProgestins convert to other androgens, can act as PH's AND biologically active hormones!  This means that 5aOHP will have a double effect for people looking to gain MASS. It may be active on its own and also will convert down to Stanolone a prized hormone for men looking to restore their vitality and counter the effect of these environmental chemical estrogens! 



Finally, we added our special oral delivery system and the most POTENT LEGAL MASS BUILDER was born!!!

How To Use:

Shake Well: 4-6 Weeks of 5aOHP at 4-8 doses per day split up.  Use the convenient oral syringe to place 1ml under your tongue hold for 60 seconds, then swish the liquid delivery system in your mouth for 60 seconds coating the entire mouth and swallow completely. MUST BE 21 TO USE!


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